Graber Custom Structures Barndominiums

Graber Custom Structures Barndominiums

What is a Barndo?

Are you familiar with the concept of a barndo? This innovative housing trend has gained widespread popularity in Texas and extended its reach to the Midwest including Missouri. The term “barndominium” is a fusion of “barn” and “condominium,” describing a structure designed to resemble a barn while offering all the comforts and conveniences of a modern home.

Barndos can be constructed using either steel or wooden frames, featuring spacious open floor plans and charming barn-like elements like sliding barn doors, rustic wooden staircases, and substantial ceiling beams. These homes are often crafted as vacation getaways or weekend retreats, although they are also suitable for year-round living. With the allure of these luxurious structures, the saying “raised in a barn” might just transform into a compliment!

Barndo Services Offered

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Need Financing To Build Your Dream Barn Home?

Graber Custom Structures provides more than great homes and barns. We provide the best solutions for your building experience. Construction and permanent mortgages are an important part of the process of building a home.

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Loan officers take time to explain the process and help you with your unique situation. While many other lenders fail to properly understand the value of a barndominium or post frame home, New Century Bank is able to use its unique lending options to help you with your project. Every construction loan is followed immediately by the best mortgage available in the industry. No one has more resources than New Century Bank.

Advantages Of A Barndo

With years of experience in constructing buildings with living quarters, building a barndo is simple for the team at Graber Custom Structures. Our expert builders can construct the perfect barndo for you and your family!

There are many advantages to barndo style homes over traditional homes. Here are some reasons why people in Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa choose to build a barn home:

1. Barndominiums can be constructed very quickly.

They can be erected with remarkable speed, outpacing the construction time of traditional houses. Utilizing efficient pole barn building techniques, Graber Custom Structures can swiftly assemble a wooden frame barndo, ensuring a rapid and efficient construction process.

2. Barndominiums require little maintenance.

Barndos demand minimal upkeep, particularly when opting for a pole barn with a metal exterior. These barn homes entail little external maintenance, ensuring their longevity over the years. The metal building exterior not only reduces maintenance needs but also enhances durability, allowing these structures to withstand the challenging weather conditions prevalent in the Midwest region.

3. Barn homes offer a unique space.

Barn homes provide a distinctive living experience. Their generous open floor plans and lofty beam ceilings create a captivating environment perfect for gathering with loved ones. The convenience of preparing meals in the kitchen while engaging with friends in the dining and living spaces enhances the enjoyment of entertaining. Moreover, the open layout allows you to supervise your children without the need to constantly trail them through different rooms, promoting a sense of security. These open barn home designs not only foster social connections but also simplify cleaning and maintenance, adding to the overall ease of living in these unique spaces.

4. Barn homes can match any style.

Barndos are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to match any style preference. Whether you prefer a rustic, modern, or classic aesthetic, your barn with living quarters can be customized to reflect your desired style. Graber Custom Structures excels at constructing barndominiums featuring exquisite wood panel walls, wooden beam ceilings, and iron fixtures, creating a warm rustic ambiance. Alternatively, they can craft elegant barn homes with glass doors and stunning crystal chandeliers for a more sophisticated look. The possibilities are endless, allowing your barn home to be designed in any way you can imagine!

Our Commitment

We provide exceptional service and personal attention to your needs and wants when it comes to your barndo!

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Our Prebuilt Barndominium Plans

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Here Is What You Need To Build The Perfect Barn Home

If you’re in search of the ideal barndominium home design tailored to your family’s needs, Graber Custom Structures is here to turn your dream barn home into a reality. As your dedicated barn home builders in the Midwest, we specialize in crafting unique, personalized barn homes.

At Graber Custom Structures, we pride ourselves on offering fully customizable barndominium plans, allowing you to shape your space according to your preferences. Our expert team collaborates closely with you to create a customized barndo floor plan that encompasses all your requirements. With our skilled and experienced professionals, we are the go-to barn home builders in Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa.

Barn homes represent the epitome of modern country living, blending practicality with rural charm. To embark on your journey toward a barndo building quote, reach out to the proficient barn home builders at Graber Custom Structures today. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to bring your perfect barn home to life!

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