Terms & Conditions

1. Estimated Cost and Deposit Purpose
The online deposit payment serves as a reservation payment to secure your intent to purchase the building based on an cost. This cost is based on your initial declarations about desired features and specifications. You have seven days to renounce to the purchase, with a full refund of the deposit. After this period, the deposit is non-refundable.

2. Final Cost Determination and ModificationsUpon receiving your deposit, our sales staff will review your desired specifications and provide a comprehensive cost proposal. You will have the opportunity to review and discuss this proposal before proceeding with the purchase.

3. Modifications and Deposit AdjustmentIf the final cost proposal differs from the initial cost, you have the following options:• Accept the final cost and proceed with the purchase: The deposit amount will be applied to the final purchase price.• Negotiate modifications to the specifications to bring the cost closer to the initial estimate: If modifications result in a lower final cost, the deposit amount will be adjusted and any excess will be refunded to you. If modifications increase the cost, you may choose to pay the difference or withdraw from the purchase agreement, in which case the deposit will be forfeited.• Withdraw from the purchase agreement: If you are not satisfied with the final cost proposal and choose not to proceed with the purchase, your deposit will be returned.

4. Transparency and CommunicationWe are committed to open communication throughout the design and planning process. Our architect will be available to answer questions and discuss any concerns you may have about the final cost proposal.

5. Disclaimer and Limitations of LiabilityWe will not be liable for any discrepancies between the estimated and final cost proposal.Please note: These updated terms and conditions address the non-binding nature of the estimated cost and outline the options available to you in case of cost discrepancies. This ensures transparency and protects both your interests and our ability to deliver the project according to your specific needs.
Remember: You should consult with an attorney to ensure your final terms and conditions are legally sound and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

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