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We are confident that when you compare value, quality, and service you will agree that we offer more for less! We will help you find the building you need for your needs. We sell high quality lumber and steel, provide drawings and offer options.

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The History Of Graber Custom Structures

While building decks in 2022 our founding father John Graber kept noticing a need for post frame buildings and more than that, a basic need for innovation of technology within the post frame industry. With things turning ever more digital after the world changed in 2020, there was a need to pivot to an online model and optimize technology. There was a need to customize and offer services to streamline communications instead of the old model of meeting face to face and scratching out plans on the ground.

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So in the winter of 2022 he partnered with Brad Garber and Shawn Beechy. These were two young, energetic, and qualified individuals that were excited to help grow a company and provide a service that hadn’t been readily available to consumers. They immediately saw the need to provide consumers with a website to design their own building and have them approach us with a vision and a goal of an end product through utilizing their creative spirit and use the ease of the internet without having to talk to a pushy salesman.

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By the fall of 2023 there was a growing need and a hunger from consumers for the type of technology and service only we were offering on the marketplace. The business was flourishing and the three core team members that formed the company had a hard time keeping up with the rapidly growing demands of the market. The company decided to hire a young and talented individual to help ease the load. Jeff Garber joined the company in a consultant role helping ease the load where he could. Immediately after on boarding Jeff, the company saw a need to expand quickly due to skyrocketing demands from the marketplace.

When opportunity knocked at the close of 2023 the company decided to act immediately and hired a project manager to strengthen relationships with clients and assist them throughout the process of making their dreams become a reality.

LaMonte Kropf joined the company at the start of 2024 as a dedicated company resource for our customers. 

Within the first quarter of 2024 there was skyrocketing demand for a dedicated barndominium specialist so Al Garber joined the team as a veteran in the space. Al has a long history of both building structures and owning his own business. Al believed joining forces with the energetic, passionate, and innovative thinking of young GCS leadership would benefit both himself and the company. He believed that the intellectual properties and craftsmanship of GCS coupled with his proven track record would provide the best building experience for you, the valued client.

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Currently, the company is thriving and while we use the internet to service our many clients there’s still a sector of people that want face to face interaction and touch skin with a salesman. We at Graber Custom Structures are the perfect fit, because while we utilize the new and innovative we also grew up old school and understand the value of meeting people and having casual conversations to build trust and accountability. If you prefer to interact via email, texting and online banking then we can service your needs or if you’re that good old boy that likes to look someone in the eyes and give a firm handshake, we understand and can provide that.

We’re excited for what the future holds and where it will lead us.

Our Process

We make sure you know everything you need to know about our process and what to expect as your project materials are fulfilled, including terms and delivery information to ensure your product can be delivered to your jobsite as you would expect.


Use Our Instant Quote Tool

When using our instant quote tool, you can select the size wanted (Length x Width x Height), style, lean-to’s, the number of windows and doors, and more!


Secure Your Price For 7 Days

To secure this price for 7 days, please provide the following information. You will receive a formal quote via email.


Receive Your Blueprints

Within 7-10 business days of payment received you will receive your plans for the kit chosen.


Kits Get Delivered

We ship the building packages to your door or the worksite of your choice, all across the Midwest!


Professional Installation Available

We provide professional installation for the pole barn packages and the steel frame packages. This also includes concrete and electrical services.

If you live in the 4-state area, (Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa). We have a dedicated team based out of Northern Missouri that handles our installs.


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