The Hawthorn Barndominium Floor Plan

Structural Package Installed: **

$87,600 + tax & shipping

$55,450 For Concrete & Footings

Price includes materials and shell installation by a licensed and bonded contractor. Contractors for Barndominiums are limited to a 200 mile radius of our office in Jamesport MO. See notes below for additional details.

** No interior Framing, Electrical, or Plumbing Stubbing Included.


  • Wood trusses with overhang and finished soffit
  • 9′ ceiling height with vaulted ceiling over the ’living and dining areas
  • 2 exterior doors
  • 9 windows
  • 40-year 29 gauge painted metal walls, roof and trim
  • Concrete 4″ slab with 3′ Frost footers. Porches are light broom finished, garage and house are slick finished (stamped or colored concrete are extra).


  • 40’x40′ attached 2-car garage 
  • 1-14’x14′ insulated garage door


  • 9’X40′  Standard framed Porch with Ceiling, and Post and Beam Covers

Please reference "The Hawthorn Barndo" when speaking with our barndo department. Call (816) 764-2198 today, or use this interest form and we will reach out to you: Barndominium Inquiry Form.

Price includes shell materials and installation by a licensed and bonded contractor. Price does not include tax and shipping or interior finish work. Price subject to change due to location, special order item pricing and availability.

Interior walls detailed in the floor plan are NOT included in the listed price. Any changes to this floor plan would require blueprint revisions done by our in-house blueprint department at the cost of the stock plan plus revision fees before a quote can be provided on the new floor plan/blueprint.

Barndominiums are limited to a 200 mile radius of our offices in Jamesport MO.

Are you looking for one of our buildings but are outside of our build radius?
All of our buildings can be purchased as Materials Only with delivery up to 300 miles from Jamesport MO. 3rd party shipping beyond 300 miles is available and arrangements the responsibility of the buyer.

Would you like to discuss your questions directly with our barndo expert?
Feel free to reach out via phone for a conversation or send an email directly to them.

Advantages Of A Barndo

Discover the array of benefits when choosing a barndo with Graber Custom Structures. Our adept team specializes in crafting barndominium floor plans, ensuring a tailored and seamless process to meet your requirements. Barndominiums, also referred to as barn homes or barndo floor plans, provide unmatched advantages over conventional housing options.

With our efficient pole barn building techniques, your envisioned barndo can swiftly come to life in Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa, boasting rapid construction times that outpace traditional homes.

Moreover, barndominiums require minimal upkeep, especially with sturdy metal exteriors, guaranteeing durability against the Midwest’s harsh climate. In addition to their functionality, these barn homes offer distinctive open areas that encourage social interaction and streamline daily routines with flexible layouts.

Whether you prefer a rustic or modern aesthetic, our customizable designs accommodate your style preferences, ensuring your barndo embodies your vision of luxurious and comfortable living.

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