Small Pole Barn

Check out our small pole barn: 24′(W)  x  32′(L)  x  10′(H). These barns are built with laminated 2×6 posts, 2×6 side curts, roof trusses every 4 ft, for superior wind and weather resistance that will last you a long time. We offer custom installation as well! [Click through or scroll down for more details!]


Do you want to customize your pole barn different than what we have detailed here?

Small Pole Barn Size: 24′(W)  x  32′(L)  x  10′(H)



  • Overhang:  0″ Eave-Side Overhangs, 0″ Gable-End Overhangs
  • Posts:  3-Ply 2 x 6 Laminated Eave Posts (8′ O/C), 3-Ply 2 x 6 Laminated Gable Posts (8′ O/C)
  • Trusses:  Wood Trusses (4/12 Pitch, 4′ O/C, 25# Ground Snow Load)
  • Truss Carriers:  Double 2 x 10 Truss Carriers
  • Misc Framing:  2 x 8 Treated Skirt Boards (1 Row), 2 x 4 Wall Girts (24″ O/C), 2 x 4 Roof Purlins (24″ O/C), 2 x 4 Temporary Post Bracing, Treated Post Cleats for Uplift Prevention, Truss Blocking
  • Fasteners:  3″ Galvanized Framing Nails, 5″ Truss Carrier Screws, 1-1/2″ Rafter Tie Nails, Reversible Rafter Ties
  • Footings:  4 x 16 Pre Cast Footing per Post Hole


  • 1 Qty  – Overhead Door Opening (Eave Side): 12′ (w) x 8′ (h) – Opening Style: Standard; No door or hardware included
  • 1 Qty  – 36″ Two-Panel One-Light Door w/ Composite Jamb


  • 2 Qty  – Insulated Sliding Vinyl Windows: 3′ (w) x 2′ (h)


  • Roofing:  29 ga. Painted Galvalume Roofing, Painted Galvalume Trim, Foam Ridge Closures
  • Siding:  29 ga. Painted Galvalume Siding, Painted Galvalume Trim, One Extra Siding Panel for OOPS! Insurance
  • Fasteners:  1-1/2″ Painted Roofing Screws, 1-1/2″ Painted Siding Screws, 2″ Painted Ridge Cap Screws
  • Upgrades:  Continuous Ridge Vent, Roof Insulation (Single Bubble)


  • Included:  Detailed Building Plans

Other Materials

  • Item 1:  Touch-Up Paint


Materials: $10,253.28 + Delivery: FREE + Estimated Sales Tax: $615.20‡ + Markup: $1,086.85

Grand Total: $11,955.33*


Need someone to build it for you? Have your building constructed for as low as: $6,191.93**

12′ x 8′ Garage Door $1,349
4 in. Concrete $4,800
5 in. Gutters and Downspouts $728

Payment Terms

Payment terms are as follows: A 5% downpayment starts the process. This 5% downpayment is fully refundable for any reason for 7 days.

50% of the full amount is due upon delivery and the remaining balance is due upon completion of the project.

Labor To Construct

Labor To Construct, No Labor To Construct


4 in. Concrete, No Concrete

Garage Door

12 ft. X 8 ft. Garage Door, No Garage Door

Gutters & Downspouts

5 in. Gutters & Downspouts, No Gutters & Downspouts


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Do you want to customize your building different than what we have detailed here?

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